• DevOps Fundamentals Course Overview

      This course provides comprehensive hands-on experience in deploying a secure application across different DevOps methodologies:

      Building and Securing Applications with VM and Systemd: Learn to deploy a web application using a Linux VM with Nginx, Python backend, PostgreSQL database, and systemd for service management. Secure the application with TLS using Certbot for certificate management.

      Containerization with Docker and Docker Compose: Rebuild the same application using Docker containers. Understand the basics of Docker, including environment variables, file mounting, and container networking. Use Docker Compose for multi-container application orchestration.

      Orchestration with Kubernetes: Explore Kubernetes fundamentals: Pods, Deployments, Services, and Ingress. Deploy and manage the application using Kubernetes manifest files. Enhance functionality with Helm charts, Cert-manager, and Ingress-nginx for advanced Kubernetes operations.

      Helm Chart Deployment: Deploy the application using a custom Helm chart for streamlined management and version control within Kubernetes.

      Continuous Integration (CI) with GitHub Actions: Implement CI workflows using GitHub Actions to automate testing and integration processes for the application.

      Continuous Deployment (CD) with FluxCD: Automate CD pipelines using FluxCD to achieve continuous deployment and GitOps practices for efficient application delivery and management.

      By the end of this course, participants will gain practical skills in building, securing, containerizing, orchestrating, and automating applications using industry-standard DevOps tools and practices.

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